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Hay- and fodder feeding- Re-thinked

Hay Feeding – Re-Thinked

Tallijalokivi – Poseidon Mobile Animal Welfare and Feeding Automation.

Hay has always been an essential part of agricultural animal diets, providing nutrients and promoting well-being in a natural way. Traditional feeding methods and current hay feeders available are often labor-intensive and may not meet today’s efficiency and animal welfare standards.

Tallijalokivi Oy has reimagined your animal’s hay and feed management. You can control and monitor your animal’s feeding with your mobile phone. The system does not require an internet connection for the stable, but it offers significant additional benefits. Read more below.

New Smart Hay Feeding Solution

Tallijalokivi Oy has developed the Poseidon device, an intelligent animal feeding automaton specifically designed for the needs of modern agricultural environments. The device not only automates hay distribution but is also expandable for monitoring animal welfare. With our system, you can forget about measuring hay weight and concentrate feed. This means that animals receive the exact amount of hay and feed at the right time, promoting their health and well-being. Optional sensors additionally monitor animal welfare even when you are not present. Our device tracks your animal’s feeding habits and can alert you to any anomalies. Various additional options are available, such as infrared temperature measurement, a camera, or a concentrate feed automaton. Our goal is to develop the first device on the market that uses artificial intelligence to help you better understand your animal’s health.

Our automated feeding system, Tallijalokivi – Poseidon, frees up farmers’ time for other important tasks, improving productivity. The device measures the weight of the hay and the amount eaten, allowing your animal to eat only a predetermined amount of hay or at a predetermined time.

Animal Welfare first

Rethinking hay feeding is not just a matter of efficiency; it’s also about animal welfare. The Tallijalokivi Poseidon device enables consistent feeding around the clock, mimicking animals’ natural eating rhythms and promoting their stomach and intestinal health. This reduces stress and feeding-related problems. Our device also prevents hay from falling to the ground, where it often gets mixed with sand and stones, which can end up in the horse’s stomach.

How does the device work?

It is Easy! Load the hay chamber with hay and decide with your phone how much your animal can eat at each feeding session. Set the interval between feedings and when the first automated feeding begins. You can limit your animal’s feeding by weight, time, or both.

No need for extra apps on your phone or tablet – everything happens through an internet browser (Safari, Chrome, Edge). The device doesn’t require an internet connection, as it creates a wireless network (WiFi) for you to connect with your phone. If your stable has a wireless network (2.4GHz), Poseidon devices can connect to it, and you can find the devices on the local network by your animal’s name. The device has an indicator LED light that notifies you if you need to check data or alerts on your device.

You can view data from the last 10 feedings in a graphical format on your phone. No control unit is needed – each device operates independently, and you manage feeding settings with your phone.

Standard Feeding Times

With standard feeding times, you can set fixed feeding schedules. The feeding hatch opens precisely at these times and remains open for the duration you specify, either in minutes or by the amount of hay the horse eats.

For example, if your stable is accustomed to feeding at 7:00, 9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00, 19:00, 21:00, 23:00, 2:00, and 4:00, simply set these times in Poseidon and let the device take care of the rest.

Communication Between Owner and Caretakers

Our system features a ”blackboard” that allows communication between those close to the animal. For example, you can inform the next shift that you’ve noticed your horse limping or that no carrots should be given today.

Is It difficult to use?

No, it isn’t. The user interface is designed to be as simple as possible. You can see feeding statistics and sensor measurements, and adjust feeding parameters such as start time, feeding limits by time or hay amount, and interval length between feedings. The device also supports regular feeding times from Monday to Sunday, and you can set the feeding to start immediately or even 1-4 days later.

Why Infrared Temperature Measurement?

Yes, our device detects the animal in front of the sensor and aims to measure its temperature. The device stores the last 500 measurements and provides graphical trends of the animal’s body temperature. However, remember that the exact body temperature is best measured rectally. This measurement also helps identify if the animal has approached the feeder. The device constantly measures the animal’s temperature, providing a trend of its development. Infrared measurement is an optional feature.

Why a Camera?

What is the camera for? You can monitor your animal’s activities even when you are not present. If the device is connected to an existing wireless network with internet access, you can monitor your animal in real-time from anywhere in the world. The camera is an optional feature.

Our larger vision involves Artificial Intelligence. AI has revolutionized many industries over the past decade, but its adoption in stable environments has been slower. A significant reason for this has been the lack of image data, which is critical for training AI models in pattern recognition, behavior, and other essential features. Image data allows AI to recognize signs of colic, lying positions, and other health-related issues, providing insights about your animal.

Traditionally, stables and agricultural environments have been less digitized compared to other sectors. Automated camera systems and sensors that can continuously collect image data have been rare and expensive. Without abundant and diverse image data, training AI for animal behavior recognition and health monitoring has been challenging. Our system enables a future where technology and nature meet.

Collecting image data in stable environments also raises privacy and ethical concerns. Ethical AI use requires transparent and responsible practices in data collection, handling, and analysis, which we are committed to upholding.

Why Buy a Fodder Feeder?

With this option, you can also automate the feeding of concentrate to your horse. This add-on will be available in fall 2024. Contact our sales team for more information!

Device Placement and Size

The basic version measures approximately L: 60 cm x W: 45 cm x H: 120 cm and weighs about 25 kg. We can make the device for placement in a paddock, partially in an aisle, or in the corner of a stall in a triangular shape. The device can be scaled up to hold more hay if needed. The door size of the triangular device for the corner of a stall is 60 cm x 120 cm. The casing has 20 cm edges before the wall. The structure of our corner device is described at the end of this text..

Device Operating Voltage and Energy Efficiency

The device operates at 12V, which also allows for battery-only operation. You can order a battery and charger from us to ensure feeding continues even during power outages. This also enables placing the device in a paddock where no electricity is available. The device is highly energy-efficient, consuming only about 1W in standby mode and 4W when the motor is running (for about 35 seconds when feeding starts), so you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill.

OTA update

Over The Air (wirelessly). The device’s features and software can currently be updated using your computer and, in the future, directly with your phone.

Instrument Cluster

The device features a plug & play instrument cluster that can connect additional sensors and functionalities. For example, if you prefer not to use a phone, an energy-efficient OLED display can be connected to view basic information. However, the full potential is realized with a modern smartphone. For large hay chambers (depth over 50 cm), a motorized hay rake is available to push hay towards the feeding hatch when the hay level is low.

When is the device available?

Now. The device is available now and will be delivered in order of purchase. Installation services are also available if needed; email (myynti@tallijalokivi.fi) or call us for a quote.

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